Spinal Orthosis

Elastic Support Braces

elasticsupportAn elastic support brace will provide minimal to moderate support depending on the type and fit of the brace.  An elastic support brace aims to limit unwanted motion and posture via a kinesthetic reminder to the wearer not by actually blocking the movement.  Some types will also provide inter-abdominal pressure which helps to unlock the facet joints of the spin and unload the spine.  Contact your local office for more information.

Lumbosacral Orthosis

lumboLSO braces or Lumbosacral Othoses vary in type and amount of support as well as the conditions they treat some common types can be found below and is known as a corset type LSO.  One innovative new approach to this and other types of bracing is the cybertech style by Biocybernetics.

All Cybertech products utilize the unique, patented Mechanical Advantage to provide simultaneous circumferential compression– the safest and most effective means of compression to orthotic and pain-reduction applications.

Lumbosacral Supports
lumbo2The lumbosacral corset is made of fabric with adjustable front velcro fasteners allow user to control degree of tension for proper support and comfort. They support the lower spine, reduce pressure on the lumbar sacral region by increasing intra-abdominal pressure also acting as a reminder to the patient to maintain correct posture. This orthosis is very popular in the treatment of lower back pain.

TLSO – ThoracoLumboSacral Orthosis
Jewett Brace

A Jewett brace is a three points pressure system of orthosis, which is used for controlling the flexion of the spine. It is a hyperextension orthosis, which allows extension but prevents flexion of the spine. This is a common brace for the treatment of an anterior compartment fracture of the spine.


The Thoracal Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO) as shown is a postoperative brace for a spinal operation. The material used for the brace is Pe-Lite with reinforced Polypropylene strips finalized with plastazote. A TLSO, or body jacket, can be used either to correct, stabilize, or accommodate the spine. It might be made as soft, semi-rigid or rigid depending on the degree of deformity of the patient or the condition it is treating.

Scoliosis Braces

Scoliosis can be treated with various types for bracing and may be treated with a full time wearing schedule or an overnight wearing schedule depending on the severity of the curvature and other indicating factors.  Brace types include the Boston Brace, Providence Brace, and the Charleston Brace.