Own A Capstone Clinic

Want to own your own practice someday?
Why not today?

Capstone Orthopedic’s business is the development of new P & O practices with experienced practitioners as the managing partner.

In partnership with the managing partner, Capstone creates a new limited liability company.

office-opportunityCapstone Orthopedic will provide:

  • A fully equipped facility
  • Insurance contracts
  • Medicare and HR compliance programs
  • Billing software, payroll and benefits administation, financial reporting and other infrastructure
  • On-going operational support and expertise
  • We partner with you and create a low risk, turnkey start-up.

“Owning my own business was something I knew I could do, but how I would finance and float it until checks and insurance contracts were obtained was a major road block. Partnering with Capstone allowed me to set the budget of my startup, focus on the development of my business, and ultimately realize my dreams of owning my own business. With Capstones help, I am able to remain focused on what is important… (The Patients and my referral sources). Additionally, in two short years I have built a financial equity share in a company that I would not have reached in 30-years of a fully matched 401k. Now with the added annual personal income, my wife is able to stay home and raise our new son, and we still have more financial freedoms than I would have ever had working for another company.”

Jason Schott, CPO

office2-opportunityCapstone Key Facts:

  • Incorporated in 2006
  • Fully credentialed with ABC
  • 9¬†clinic locations
  • Serving 20 California counties
  • 2500 patients serviced annually
  • 24 Managed Care contracts
  • Dunn & Bradstreet reference #002000848
  • Banker, Wells Fargo