Fracture Bracing

Fracture bracing is obviously indicated for fractures of all different levels. However, a fracture brace may also be prescribed for other cases such as chronic dislocations, or in post operative situations.  In any case, the brace can be ordered custom fit or custom fabricated.  The treatment protocol will depend on the doctors orders for each individual case.  However, a standard treatment protocol is listed below for femoral fractures:

Rigid Immobilization

  • closed fracture 2-4 weeks
  • open fracture 4-6 weeks (longer if complications)

Partial Weight-Bearing in fracture brace

  • for 6-8 weeks

Full weight-Bearing in brace until satisfactory union is achieved.

Orlando HKAFO

HKAFOThis custom-to-measurements lightweight, durable long-leg orthosis is assembled from modular Orthomerica components-The Newport post-op hip orthosis and Orlando KAFO/femoral fracture orthosis. The pelvic section is lined with replaceable and washable neoprene. Perforated polyethylene femoral, tibial, and shoe insert components. Includes Virtual Hip hip joint and either free motion knee joints or 1/8″ drop lock joints. Other joints are available for an upgrade charge. Same day shipment for quick fitting of this traditionally labor intensive orthosis. Made to measurements-requires only attachment of pelvic section to femoral component.

  • Custom-to-measurements which can be phoned, faxed or emailed
  • Effective for internally fixed proximal femoral fractures
  • Limits rotation and possible dislocation of the hip

Model No. 1720 – Includes Virtual Hip Joint and Shoe Insert

Model No. 1722 – Orlando Lite HKAFO Option using bilateral uprights

Orlando KAFO

orlandoBracePrefabricated and preassembled for many full leg orthopaedic indications. Especially useful for distal femoral or proximal tibial fractures or hemiplegic patients following CVA. Narrow M-L, longer A-P thigh design for more anatomical fit. Free motion, adjustable, or drop-lock knee joints allow for specific range-of-motion and functional knee control. Single axis or solid ankle shoe insert with extended footplate will prevent flaccid foot drop for post-CVA patients. Plastic joint covers for cosmesis and support.

Also available custom-to-cast and custom-to-measurements. All components interchangeable as well as available separately.

  • Trimmable polyethylene components offer more comfortable total contact
  • Preassembled – Not a kit
  • Lightweight, durable polyethylene components
  • Excellent for office or clinical application
  • Available with adjustable joints
Orlando TPFx

orlandoTPFxThe new Orlando TPFx can be effective for non-operative or post-operative treatment of proximal tibial fractures, following internal fixation of these fractures or the removal of an external fixation device. The prefabricated or custom-to-measurement Orlando Tibial Plateau Fx Bracing System addresses many of the problems associated with non-operative orthotic treatment of this potentially difficult fracture.

Designed by biomechanical engineers in conjunction with an orthotist with over 30 years experience with tibial plateau fracture bracing on a custom basis.

Components are available in prefabricated, preassembled, or custom-to-measurements that can be phoned, faxed or modemed to Orthomerica, or custom-to-cast from Orthomerica’s central fabrication facility.

  • Available as prefabricated brace or as custom-to-measurements KAFO
  • Lightweight, durable & trimmable polyethylene components enhances patient comfort
  • Available with a wide variety of knee joint configurations
  • Modular single axis or fixed ankle shoe insert option
  • “PTB”-type design with padded anterior component provides rotational control, and more circumferential hydraulics, allowing fit as early as 2-6 weeks post-fracture 1
tibialBraceTibial Fracture Brace-Tibial Section/Sarmiento Type

This prefabricated functional orthosis is designed for diaphyseal fractures of the tibia and fibula, and is also available custom-to-cast. Allows movement of adjacent joints [knee, ankle and foot] to increase blood flow, osteogenesis and function. Lightweight, durable thermoplastic can be trimmed with cast scissors and modified with a heat gun. Used with single axis shoe insert.

  • Adjustable Velcro straps accommodate volume changes
  • Posterior opening facilitates “crest of tibia” control, tibial alignment
  • “PTB”-type design provides rotational control, and more circumferential hydraulics, allowing fit as early as 2-6 weeks post-fracture1
postopbracePost-Op Tibial Fracture Brace

This prefabricated, molded and perforated foam lower leg orthosis was designed to provide extra support post-operatively, especially following intramedullary nailing of the tibia and following removal of external fixation devices. Useful when excessive soft tissue damage must be monitored. Plastic superstructure allows excellent quality x-rays, provides circumferential support and hydraulics for early weight bearing to address orthopaedic protocols. Modular shoe inserts are interchangeable.

  • Effective following external fixator removal, intramedullary nailing
  • Adjustable Velcro straps accommodate volume changes
  • Anterior opening facilitates soft tissue monitoring
Ankle Fracture Brace

anklefracA functional weight bearing post-op orthosis that allows dorsiflexion and plantarflexion and limits inversion/eversion, following internal fixation of bimalleolar, trimalleolar, or lateral malleolar fractures with torn deltoid ligaments. Designed to minimize any adverse impact on vascular system. PPT pads at malleoli make this an excellent brace for severe sprains as well.

  • Designed for severe ankle injuries – post-op or post-injury
  • Flexible polyethylene allows total contact
  • Limits inversion and eversion
  • Design and adjustable Velcro straps accommodate volume changes
Femoral Fracture Brace-Femoral Section

femoralBraceIschial weight bearing, narrow M-L design for femoral shaft fractures and proximal tibial fractures requiring a long-leg orthosis. Longer A-P design is more anatomical, provides increased comfort and adjustability. Distal end easily trimmed to desired length. Anterior opening for ease of application. Hardware included for attachment of any type of knee joints. For use with special tibial section below.

  • Narrow M-L/Natural Shape, Natural Alignment (NSNA)
  • Adjustable Velcro straps accommodate swelling, facilitate wound inspection
  • Flexible polyethylene allows total contact
Custom Lower Extremity Orthoses

customLowerOrthomerica’s Custom Fabrication Department offers a number of custom lower extremity orthoses for both functional and fracture bracing. Whether you require a non-operative or post-operative fracture brace, a functional clamshell Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis or a more involved HKAFO with hip spica, our custom fabrication technicians can fabricate a custom-to-measurement or custom-to-cast orthosis unique to your patient’s pathology.